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Do You Know Why Your Website
Isn't Getting Traffic?

If you haven't done a site audit, you're in the dark.

Don't spend another cent on marketing until you read this!

Spot issues on your site and get a full list of what you can do to fix them:

  • Check for broken pages, links, and problems with basic html tags, with recommendations on the most important issues to fix first
  • Detect complex issues related to international SEO, crawlability, and schema optimisation
  • Identify your content and images SEO meta issues with suggestions on how to easily fix them

Why Is This So Important?

SEO auditing is an important facet of a website when it comes to digital marketing. An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a site to assess the performance of on-page and off-page activities, identify site architecture-related problems, analyse backlinks & social media engagement, scan keyword density and examine duplicate content-related issues. In simplest terms, SEO audit is important for identifying strengths, weaknesses and potentials of your website for long-term success.

In short, it is futile to invest any money in marketing your business online until you know for sure you have optimised your website fully in terms of:






Here's What We Will Do For You

SEO Technical Audit
This SEO audit will help you identify the technical problems with your website that are restricting search engines to crawl through your site or understand content. The SEO Technical Audit Report summarises all technical problems along with solutions so that you can take action immediately.

Competitive Website Audit
With the competitive website audit, you can get a full picture of what your top competitors are doing for SEO and how your SEO activities compare to theirs. This process will enable you to identify what can work for your market segment better and implement successful marketing tactics to build your business.

SEO Link and Content Audit
Website links and content need to be audited to ensure your search ranking is not negatively affected. Link auditing outlines issues related to inbound links, bad links or broken links in your website. SEO content audit assesses your website copy for relevancy and evaluates the current status of website’s content.

Local SEO Audit
You get accurate & actionable data on key areas of local optimisation with local SEO audit including local listings, local citations, on-site & off-site local activities, local search rankings and reviews. Local SEO audit outputs a report detailing issues related to these key areas so that you can fix the concerns and improve local ranking.

SEO audit gives you detailed insight of the current health status of your website. If your website has key gaps, your competitors might take away your opportunities. With SEO auditing from a reliable SEO audit service provider, you get unique opportunities to optimise your site, learn about your competition, improve website performance, get more targeted traffic and increase conversions by applying right SEO strategies. So, keep your website up-to-date with SEO audit!

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